×Infinitive of exhibits: exhibit


exhibit: parade · march · expose

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English N1-Arabic N1 translation for "exhibits"

Infinitive of exhibits: exhibit

"exhibits" Arabic N1 translation

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exhibit {noun}

exhibit {abbr. noun} (also: testimony)

دَليل [dalīl] (حُجّة) {abbr. noun}

exhibit (in a court of law) {abbr. noun} (also: show, bid, breadth, demonstration)

عَرْض [ʻarḍ] {abbr. noun}

exhibit (in museums, art galleries etc) {abbr. noun}

مَعْروض [maʻrūḍ] {abbr. noun}

exhibit (exhibition) {abbr. noun} [abbr. American English] (also: showroom, exposition, show, fair)

مَعْرِض [maʻriḍ] {abbr. noun}
to exhibit {verb}

to exhibit [exhibited|exhibited] {abbr. verb} (also: to demonstrate, to display, to show)

أَرى [ʼarā] {abbr. verb}

to exhibit [exhibited|exhibited] (paintings, products) {abbr. transitive verb} (also: to bid, to demonstrate, to display, to do)

عَرَضَ [ʻaraḍa] {abbr. verb}

to exhibit [exhibited|exhibited] (to manifest) {abbr. transitive verb} [abbr. formal] (also: to call up, to demonstrate, to display, to emphasize)

أَظْهَرَ {abbr. verb}


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